Are there mosquitoes in the UK?

No Mozzie Culex Sp.


In fact we have over 30 known species – most of which are native and all of which enjoy a human blood meal in the Spring and Summer months.

The invasive non-native species are those that have been accidentally imported and have then managed to gain a foothold, assisted by the warming climate. We also occasionally get mosquitoes like the Asian Tiger (Aedes albopictus) as temporary visitors – which have also been imported accidentally through the movement of people and goods from warmer countries.

The current list of mosquito species that can be found in the UK is below. No Mozzie has been tested specifically against Aedes aegypti mosquitoes during arm-in-cage tests as recommended by the WHO. Aedes aegypti is typically used in these tests due to its more assertive enthusiasm for biting humans! The list below is mosquitoes only and doesn’t include the much larger list of biting midges and black-flies that can also be a nuisance in Spring and Summer.

Culicidae (mosquito) species name National Biodiversity ID Prevalence
Aedes aegypti NBNSYS0000011587 Rare (Imported)
Aedes annulipes NBNSYS0000011575 Common
Aedes cantans NBNSYS0000011576 Common
Aedes caspius NBNSYS0000011577 Common
Aedes cinereus NBNSYS0000011589 Common
Aedes communis NBNSYS0000011578 Rare
Aedes detritus NBNSYS0000011579 Common
Aedes dorsalis NBNSYS0000011580 Rare
Aedes flavescens NBNSYS0000011581 Rare
Aedes geniculatus NBNSYS0000011586 Common
Aedes leucomelas NBNSYS0000011582 Rare
Aedes punctor NBNSYS0000011583 Common
Aedes rusticus NBNSYS0000011584 Common
Aedes sticticus NBNSYS0000011585 Rare
Aedes vexans NBNSYS0000011588 Common
Anopheles algeriensis NBNSYS0000011567 Rare
Anopheles atroparvus NBNSYS0000011568 Common
Anopheles claviger NBNSYS0000011569 Common
Anopheles maculipennis NBNSYS0000011570 Common
Anopheles messeae NBNSYS0000011571 Common
Anopheles plumbeus NBNSYS0000011572 Common
Coquillettidia richiardii NBNSYS0100002574 Common
Culex modestus NBNSYS0000011597 Common
Culex pipiens NBNSYS0000011599 Common
Culex pipiens molestus NBNSYS0100019317 Common
Culex territans NBNSYS0000011598 Common
Culex torrentium NBNSYS0000011602 Common
Culiseta alaskaensis NBNSYS0000011590 Common
Culiseta annulata NBNSYS0000011591 Common
Culiseta fumipennis NBNSYS0000011593 Common
Culiseta litorea NBNSYS0000011594 Common
Culiseta longiareolata NBNSYS0000011596 Rare
Culiseta morsitans NBNSYS0000011595 Common
Culiseta subochrea NBNSYS0000011592 Common
Orthopodomyia pulcripalpis NBNSYS0000011574 Rare